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Automotive Press Association Events

Stay up to date on automotive industry news by checking out the list of important events for the Automotive Press Association.

If you are a member please register below.  If you are not a member and want to register for an APA event, please send an e-mail to Kevin Singer at [email protected] with event date, number of attendees and name/e-mail address of each attendee.  Please know that some events are for members only.

Upcoming Automotive Press Association Events

May 12

A Comprehensive look at EV's through the lens of Finance, Regulatory, Go-to-Market Strategies and Consumer Attitudes

May 18

We Predict Vice President Renee Stephens reveals results on inaugural cost of ownership study

June 17

Get your Motor Runnin’ with Motor Bella at M1 Concourse: A Chat with DADA’s Rod Alberts

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