The Automotive Press Association welcomes BrightDrop President and CEO, Travis Katz, for a fireside chat with Bloomberg’s Detroit Bureau Chief, David Welch.

From Silicon Valley to the Motor City, Travis will share how his experience as a tech entrepreneur and passion for climate change led him to BrightDrop, a new business from General Motors providing a holistic set of products, software and solutions aimed squarely at reimagining commercial delivery and logistics for an all-electric future. This marriage of talent is also the secret sauce behind the company’s operations: integrating the cutting-edge innovation, agility and focus of a tech startup with the scale and manufacturing might of General Motors is helping position BrightDrop as a leader in the race to decarbonize last-mile deliveries. Tune in to hear from Travis and David as they cover topics pressing the industry today, from electrified deliveries to charging to infrastructure and more.

Date & Time

Date(s) - October 26, 2021
1:00 pm EDT - 2:00 pm EDT