President’s Letter
A Letter from Our President

A Letter from Our President

A Note from APA President Todd Lassa

Fellow APA Members:

This organization’s 30th year coincides with the beginning of a decade that looks to mark a revolution the magnitude of which has never before been seen in the history of the automobile. Greater automated driving systems leading up to full autonomy and the proliferation of battery electric and hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles from established as well as new automakers are on the way, even if demand isn’t quite there yet, all while urban planners are redesigning cities to be centered around pedestrians instead of automobiles.

There is no question the auto industry will undergo a sea change in the 2020s of a magnitude not seen since the 1920s.

For three decades now, Automotive Press Association members have met with newsmakers discussing, explaining and arguing over the ever-evolving industry. The APA board is planning a series of luncheons and events designed to keep you and your readers up to date with the latest news and developments in this fascinating industry.

Please return to this website often, to keep up on the latest events and updates. If you miss an event, or if you need to fact-check, simply click the “events” tab to see the archived video presentation.

Twenty-twenty also marks the first year the North American International Auto Show will be held in sunny June, here in Detroit. Our signature event, the APA Executive Reception at the Detroit show, returns this year on a new date, at the newly renamed TCF Center downtown.

On behalf of our members and our board of directors, allow me to extend our sincere thank you to our sponsors for making the NAIAS reception possible.

Todd Lassa [email protected]

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