President’s Letter
A Letter from Our President

A Letter from Our President

Michael Wayland

Fellow APA Members:

I am honored to serve as president of the Automotive Press Association. Since I started covering the auto industry more than a decade ago, this organization has played an important role in my career through its events and the connections I’ve made during meetings. As we all know, the automotive industry is undergoing an exponential amount of change, as companies spend billions of dollars on electric vehicles. Several automakers have even pledged to end production of traditional cars and trucks with internal combustion engines in the years to come. ‘

Expect this change – the largest since the transition away from horse and buggy – to be at the center of our APA events. We will host executives, analysts and other newsmakers to educate our members and discuss the impacts EVs and other emerging technologies are having on the automotive industry. We’re already beginning to see the impacts this change is having on balance sheets, supply chains and employees. All of which is expected to grow in the years to come, making the discussions we have during APA events ever more important.

As the industry changes, we as an organization are also changing. We’re attempting to diversify and grow our events and membership, which currently stands at more than 400 people. I hope this includes more unique in-person events than we’ve done in years past as well as new companies and speakers that add to the ones we’ve already partnered with and hosted.

To our past and current sponsors, thank you on behalf of our members and our board of directors for making all of our events possible. Please continue to check the APA website regularly for our latest events and updates. If you miss an event, or if you need to fact-check something, we are archiving our meetings under the “events” tab.

Michael Wayland [email protected]

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