President’s Letter
A Letter from Our President

A Letter from Our President

A Note from APA President David Welch

Fellow APA Members:

The Press Association’s 31st year sees us on the cusp of the greatest change to automobiles since the gasoline engines replaced steam power and horses. We’re seeing the start of a shift away from vehicles powered by fossil fuels to toward battery-powered cars and truck. It’s being driven by a combination of government regulations, investor fervor and consumer fascination.

At the same time, self-driving cars have headed into a pit stop as technologists try to figure out how to manage every type of driving. They’re also trying to figure out whether robotaxis, last-mile delivery of goods or long-haul freight makes the most business sense. Those technologies are changing how the auto industry does business and the way its many leaders and employees do their jobs. That will only accelerate in the years to come.

Now starting its fourth decade, the Automotive Press Association has hosted newsmakers to get an inside look at our exiting and ever-changing industry. The APA board is planning a series of events with auto industry leaders and experts designed to inform our members and create great dialog.

We will bring in top executives, union leaders, the best analysts and thought leaders to keep all of our members informed. A big part of our mission is providing access and building knowledge. Please return to the APA website often, to keep up on the latest events and updates. If you miss an event, or if you need to fact-check, simply click the “events” tab to see the archived video presentation.

On behalf of our members and our board of directors, allow me to extend our sincere thank you to our sponsors for making all of our events possible.

David Welch [email protected]

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